Toyota GR Corolla Hatchback Details and Benefits

Available in limited quantities

The Toyota GR Corolla is an exciting new hatchback that will be available in limited quantities. The GR stands for “green” and refers to the car’s green color. It is a variant of the compact, two-door, front-drive Corolla. Its base model costs $23,400. A GR Corolla is a car that costs less than $25,000. A GR Corolla hatchback is similar to a regular Toyota Yaris. It has all the same features and is priced around $20,000.

Toyota GR Corolla hatchback


The GR Corolla has a more rigid suspension than the standard Corolla Hatchback. The front suspension is still a pair of MacPherson struts, while the rear suspension is a double-wishbone multi-link. The brakes, which clamp 14-inch rotors, feature four-piston calipers on the front and two-piston calipers at the rear.

The GR Corolla comes in two versions: the base Core model and the Circuit Grade. The GR Corolla’s interior features gray and black accents, sport seats, and aluminum pedals. Standard features include a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, a tachometer, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both grades have a manual gear selector and parking brake handle. The driver’s arm naturally lowers when he or she steers the car.

Safety feature

Besides the interior, the Toyota GR Corolla is also equipped with advanced safety features. Several safety systems are included as standard, including Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Lane Departure Alert is designed to warn the driver when their car leaves its lane without turning. Another feature is Lane Tracing Assist, which uses visible lane markers or the preceding vehicle to guide it. Automatic High Beams will detect oncoming or preceding vehicles, and automatically switch the lights to high beams and low beams. Finally, Road Sign Assist recognizes road signs using a forward-facing camera and displays information on the vehicle’s multi-information display.


While the GR Corolla does not yet arrive in the US market, it is on its way. The GR Corolla was tested by experts and professional drivers at leading Japanese circuits, including the Fuji Speedway. It was also tested on the dirt and mud, where a Japanese Rally Championship driver was testing it. A GR Corolla has all the characteristics of a sports car.

Unlike the GR Yaris, the Toyota GR Corolla will come with a sedan body style. The GR Yaris is a hot hatchback, but the GR Corolla will not be available in the sedan body style. The GR Corolla is also expected to have the same engine as the overseas ‘GR Yaris’, so it will have 257 horsepower.

Aside from its aerodynamic features, the GR Corolla features a forged carbon-fiber roof and power-dome hood. It also has a power-dome hood. The GR Corolla is sold in two grades: GX and ZR. It is available in petrol and hybrid versions. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a petrol and a hybrid Corolla.

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