Facebook ads Traffic Secret Tricks 2023

How to use Facebook ads. How to create Facebook? Camping and how to create. Facebook ad. With image.

Friends, if you also want to bring traffic from Facebook to your website, then there are many ways by which you can bring traffic from Facebook. In this post, I have told you how you can run an ad by making a campaign on Facebook by paying money. If you can’t get traffic to your site in Adsense and installing the app, then you should post

If you do not understand something, then there is a video in Hindi which we have made and explained to you very well. how to get traffic

How to run ad on Facebook

Lightly everyone has a Facebook account, we can run our ad on Facebook using the same account, you must have seen that clicking on many images opens us in a new type and taken us to another site. If it goes, it is called an add-on image, I will show you by running an image in it and showing how you can apply the image.

  • you must have a website
  • Image to create a campaign
  • and money too

By clicking on this you can go directly to Facebook Ads Manager where you have to connect the campaign

Facebook Ads manager

After going here, you have to click on curate and after that you have to click on traffic, after transfer, you have to fill it with whatever details are asked to sir.

Like here you will ask for permanent text and you will have to write something here and also add the URL and image of your website, you have to select such an image so that more and more people can click on your website to get traffic.

The image that should be there should be very beautiful that people click on it and more and more people click on it so that you can get maximum traffic for less money.

We are giving you some images, you can use these as well, but if you have a better image than this, then you can also use it, keeping in mind that there should not be a very bad image, otherwise your on Facebook If you do not get the approval of the campion, then take care of it.

टच करो जादू देखो Image (Tech see Magic)

टच करो जादू देखो
टच करो जादू देखो

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