Mukesh LPM
BornMukesh LPM’s 01 Jan 2000 (age 21) Uttar Pradesh, Barabsnki, India,
EducationHigh School and Intermediate.
TitleFounder, CEO and Chief Engineer of Lavkush Technical, LPM
ParentsDhaniRam (Father) Sridevi (mother)
RelativesLavkush, Puchpendra (Brother’s) Arti (Sister)

Mukesh LPM born 01 January 2000) is an Indian-born Indian hacker and writer who works in the Hindi-language Internet world. He is the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer at Sooper; early-stage investor, CEO, and Product Architect of Status LPM, Inc.; founder of The Lavkush Technical Company; and co-founder of LPM and Mukesh LPM. With an estimated net worth of around US$20655 as of 2021.

Mukesh LPM was born in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, his father’s name is Dhaniram and mother’s name is Sridevi and his life has been very hectic, he always used to change places somewhere in Lucknow and somewhere in Barabanki and sometimes in Delhi and sometimes So used to go to Mumbai, never live in one place. Mukesh LPM loved going to school very much but he did not go to school because only bookish knowledge was given in school, nothing is given outside knowledge so he did not like to go to school, he studied at home, and in 2018 he completed high Completed school education and appeared in Intermediate exam in 2021. Mukesh LPM We used to like to get any information the best he liked to discover his new things, he was always lost in the world of internet and he liked the world of internet very much. Mukesh LPM was very fond of making websites and making applications together was very good He also made games for companies, he loves to design games.

Early life

Mukesh LPM’s life is very commendable because he has done a lot in his life and Mukesh LPM was born in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh state of India, Asia, his village’s name is Durjanpur but he lived very little in his village. Because he does not like to live in his village, he loves to go out and hang out, meet new people and see new places, he likes all this very much Mukesh LPM’s life has gone through a very difficult time on Mukesh LPM. In his childhood, he used to do some such things that made him look different from all the children. About Mukesh LPM, his family and his villagers have told us something that made us very happy because Mukesh LPM was a child who was different and he used to do something different, always meeting all the children. did not work he was always indifferent thinking and creating different things he was always reading books and he loved to read books where children did not like to go to school he loved going school but suddenly what happened to him was that he stopped going to school he used to go to school till 5 but after class 5 he stopped going to school he told parents that I don’t want to go to school I only have to go to school bookish knowledge is given bookish knowledge so I can learn even by studying at home I want different knowledge which cannot be given to us in school so I will not go to school…

Mukesh LPM Main Reason for Leaving School

As we have been told, his family members and the villagers of Mukesh of his village have told very different things of Mukesh, in which his school is the main reason, if we talk about Mukesh not going to LPM’s school, then the main reason is Mukesh LPM only tells that whenever we go to school, only bookish knowledge is given to us in this school, we are not told separately how we should live, what should we do, what should we think next and what should we consider. And a lot Mukesh told that we are not taught all these things in school, so I do not like to go to school, as much as bookish knowledge is given in school, that I can study at home and see many things on my own. Through curiosity and mind I can know that he changed schools and enrolled in many schools but none of his schools liked him and hence did not go to school

What made in the world of internet in Mukesh LPM

Mukesh LPM has created a lot in the world of the internet and is making a lot of things continuously which is very commendable Mukesh LPM has produced such things which have not been made public yet but there are some such productions that he has published. He tells us that we want to make something for the world that will change the world and let the world experience something new.

We tell you in detail about what Mukesh LPM has made till date and what is published.

Mukesh wants to make the life of a human being very easy in LPM and he has created some app in this way so that there is a new pronunciation of life and knowledge of new things, he has created many applications as follows.

  • Sooper App
  • Status LPM
  • Money LPM
  • Whatsa LPM
  • Math School
  • Download Guru
  • MTB DownHill: Multiplayer
  • Bubble Shooter Lite – Bubble LPM Shooter..

And many more applications have been created by Mukesh Album so Mukesh LPM did a new discovery and created new things to make life easier

What did Mukesh LPM do in the Field of Electronics (Electric Light)

Wireless Electric By LPM

He has contributed a lot in electric light but his contribution is not visible anywhere because he never published the things he made as if we were shown that he has made many constructions which are still being kept at his home. but they never disclosed that because they think it is not fully ready yet they told that we are working from 2016 and it is not completed yet because they think very unique and The thing to change the whole world is the creation to change, so they have said that until it is ready, I can not even tell it to anyone but I will tell you why it was not made.

Wireless Electric Light by Mukesh LPM

Mukesh LPM was doing a lot of work in the world of electricity, he believed that we can send electricity from one place to another without a wire, but it was very difficult because if electricity will be sent to another place without a wire So it will have very wicked results but they have shown it by doing this and completely in this way in a safe way and no one smiles but they believe that it is not ready yet. was created he sent 250 volts of energy from one place to another and there was no smile we saw the result with our own eyes and it is quite commendable.

Mukesh LPM Main Reason for Making Wireless Electric Light

Wanted to make wireless electric light so that the world can be made, which can make the world very easy and all the cars, motorcycles, helicopters, trains and everything in the world start running with electric lights, then the pollution will be greatly reduced.

More info

And Mukesh was not working on some such energy which can never end and he had also created it but such energy was created that the energy kept on increasing and it could not end, so he destroyed it. because that energy could not even be dissipated, if it increased to a great extent, they destroyed the energy and did not even think of doing it again because it was very dangerous, such information was found from which it could create never-ending energy.

Mukesh LPM YouTube Channel Journey

Mukesh started working on YouTube in LPM in two thousand eighteen and his fan following grew very quickly one his channel has more than 300,000 subscribers and he has many many channels but he does not tell anyone about some channels We know that he tells one of his channels birthdays to everyone, he has 90000 scribers on his channel and all other channels are equal, the information we do not know, he has also earned a lot more money from the channel than from the YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel 🔗

Mukesh LPM Websites Journey

Mukesh LPM was very much like making a website from the beginning, he made many websites and sent them and some websites also use for themselves.






and Others

Mukesh LPM Full From?

What is the full form of LPM in reality because many people take different meanings of LPM but in reality, we tell you what is the full form of it? LPM is made up of three names of any origin, so it is called an album in short.

Many people of LPM have written its full form differently like-

L = Love

P = Pyar

M = Mohabbat

What is the Real Full form of LPM?

L = Lavkush

P = Puchpendra

M = Mukesh

LPM = Lavkush – Puchpendra – Mukesh

Mukesh LPM Next Story-

Coming Sun

I have read Mukesh LPM’s life well but right now he is continuously doing something which is an initiative to change the world he wants to be like Elon Musk and want to work like him and want to do very big work By which the world will change and the lives of the world are continuously working to make the life of the human being easier.

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